To: New Beginnings

In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing but somehow we cannot start. -William James

Do you ever get that nagging feeling? As if there is something you need to be doing, something that should require your full attention, but you do not start it because of fear ? Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment or even fear that once you progress and succeed; life will never be the same again ?

I sit here stressed, exhausted, in need of a holiday and all the while thinking that I have not achieved all that I wanted to in my life. Complacent in a position that does not allow for growth because I'm too afraid to take that one little step. A risk, I call it.

I've indulged in a risk before and it has left me burnt. Unable to pursue dreams, unable to move forward and filled to the brim with regret. Scars remind us, memories haunt us but everyday and everyone else still moves on... so should you.

Today is already the 21st Day of January 2013; the 21st day of a New Year, the 3rd week of a year that has already begun. A new year brings with it, new resolutions that start off strong but somehow seem to get lost as the year progresses. We seem to forget that this is our life, even if we are wasting it away we are still living and it does not stop and wait for us to get ready, to take control, to decide what to do. No. We have to do something NOW. Take control NOW. That healthy diet and exercise cannot start Next Monday, it will have to start NOW. The search for a better job starts NOW. The idea and thought you had about making it on your own; starting your own business, it begins NOW!

Let go of your inhibitions. Even though it is the 3rd week of the New Year, it is never too late to begin. Let today be the day you take control of your life, the day you face up to your fear and the day you try something new. Let today be everyday and everyday a New Beginning.

-  Posted from my previous Blog: on 21 January 2013

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