Do. Don't Speak.

I like people who are genuine and true.

People who are real and honest.

I like people who smile with their eyes, for that shows sincerity

and you know the purity of their heart.

I like people who appreciate and are grateful with the smallest of crumbs.

People who understand the value of a rand

and know when someone puts in an effort and gives of their time.

I like people who appreciate little gestures

They dish out a compliment even if the food is not great

and they love a gift no matter how small.

I like people who are empathetic and listen and understand,

really understand.

People who apologize sincerely

and do so even when they are right.

People who forgive and accept forgiveness even if it hasn't been said.

I like when people know how to make others feel good.

I like people who don't speak much

but rather show their character in actions.

I like people who do good deeds and do not speak about it.

People who send a message or a gift that is meant for you,

directly to you and not through others, so you know

that they do not do things for show.

People who understand the meaning of

"what your right hand gives, your left hand must not know."

People who know that actions speak louder than words...

The words of Ralph Waldo Emerson resonates :

What you do speaks so loud, I cannot hear what you say.


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