The Devil You Know ?

As we all know, Election Day is rapidly approaching - this Wednesday the 7th May 2014 - and I have no clue as to whom to vote for !

ANC has been in power ever since Nelson Mandela was elected in 1994 and that marks 20 years of 1 party being in control, but is that party the same one that has been worth so many peoples' votes that many years ago ?

Times have changed, as we are all violently being reminded on a daily basis. But despite 20 years of Freedom, I think not much has changed.

Yes it might not be as bad as it was, but people continue to segregate themselves : race and colour is still an issue. Look at companies, yes they have introduced BEE and yes more Blacks are being hired now, but for what positions ? What about the other races ? I have been struggling to get back into a Media and Marketing Field for Four Years (after being in one, so I Do have experience) and having obtained a Degree in the field. Is tertiary education not good enough or is it the colour of my skin ? Look closely at companies and you will still see that the whites are in Senior positions - is there no room for us to grow ?

Violence is still prevalent and the Police seem to be more corrupt. The Law is on the side for whom is able to pay more. Rapists and Murderers run free. Big companies are exploiting because they have the money to bribe the police, the law, the entire justice system so that even if you do fight for your rights, unless you have the amount to match or "one-up", you will never win.

Then we have parties who point out all these corrupt practices but how do we know that they will be different ? How do we know that once they are in charge, they will change for the better and if things do change, will it be for everyone ?

The DA is in charge of the Western Cape and I must say, Cape Town is much cleaner and their taxis actually seem to follow road regulations (from what I have seen) but what about the Rural areas, what about the Locations ? I recently watched a debate on TV and it seemed that the DA is looking out for the rich and neglecting the poor.

We obviously cannot expect change for the better overnight. These things take time but how do we know who to vote for, who is genuinely interested in running a government for the people, all the people, who will see through on their message (are politicians ever honest and good on their word?!) With a multitude of Parties campaigning, is any of them even worth voting for ?

So yes, Election Day is the day after tomorrow and I am still unsure as to whom to vote for but a vote is needed so that I know, even if my party (whomever I eventually choose) did not win, I can complain knowing that I made an effort to make a mark in this world that I am living in.


- Posted from my previous blog: on 5 May 2014

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