As per usual writing drama - Saturday 20 June

I had a PLAN to make sure that I come here into a different room, finally grab the computer and sit by myself and write stuff....

but by the time the damn computer started working and things loaded and blah blah blah... all my thoughts had vanished and now I don't know what I wanted to write.

It was good. It was thoughts. It was finally from the heart and I made sure that as soon as I had those thoughts while in bed, I got up, took the computer and tried to write it out, but of course....

so now I'm just typing.

I'm not getting back any of what I thought about so I will just blabber on.

Because apparently, when you keep typing, something is bound to come out.

I have a habit of being upset when I don't get a chance to sit down and write out the well thought of article, story, poem that I usually have in my head. This is because, by the time I get a chance to sit like now, when everything is working against me, the entire thought has disappeared; or I just do not get a chance to sit down and type because there's always something else that needs to get done or I don't get alone time to sit and type.

But now, as I quickly but quietly raced out of the room, grabbed the computer - laptop- whatever, the laptop took forever to switch on, then by the time I logged on and it felt like I've lost one hundred years waiting for the apps to open..... my thoughts took the first train out of here.

sjoeps... there it goes. bye bye.

Not a single word that I thought of, definitely not a sentence, stayed behind.

And now it'a already pass 7am. The husband and kid must have already been awake and thought they would do me a favour by staying away so that this one time I could write and do work like how I always WISH for - alone! And they would feel satisfied that they "gave" me this time alone and would think that I accomplished much.


The answer is no, I did not accomplish much. And now it's time for breakfast.


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