Be Mindful of Others - It is Your Duty to Mankind

Stop going to braais. Stop having get togethers...

The lockdown being lowered is because the economy has opened up for people to trade,
to try and make a livelihood and pay bills because the government doesn't have/ doesn't want to give out money and unfortunately there's still necessities to be paid each month...

It Doesn't mean that the virus has gone away.

And it's not about - "if it's your time to die, then it's your time, so it doesn't matter..."
It's about not giving someone else who has a compromised immune system a struggle, and going through unnecessary pain.

What if the person doesn't die, but has to go through weeks trying to breathe through a respirator while no one is allowed to see them or be there for them?

You may be "fine" but you may also be a carrier to someone who will not be fine.

As a muslim, we have been taught that there are two things that we need to keep in mind in order to attain paradise and complete happiness in the Hereafter:

These two things are called Huququllah and Huququl-ibad.

Huququllah - Our Duty to Allah, the Creator of the Universe, The Almighty.
Our Duty to our Lord. 

Huququl-ibad - Our Duty to Mankind.

We were put on this earth to make sure that our actions and our words reflect two things.

Many seem to forget that in order to fulfill our faith and be the best human beings that we can be, and to have the best in the Hereafter, we have a duty here on this earth to our fellow mankind. All Mankind.

Our intentions, speech AND our actions need to reflect on these two things and we need to constantly be aware and Mindful of how we treat others.
We have to be MINDFUL of our own actions and how it can impact someone else.

So in this case, your negligence of your health could somehow impact someone else's health.
And as Mankind... this is your Duty. 
Your actions have consequences to others, unfortunately.
This doesn't mean that you need to tiptoe around people - it simply means that you need to take other people into consideration and be MINDFUL  of our actions and words.


- thoughts from Nabihah Plaatjes 


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