Cosmo X K Naomi - Socials

As I sauntered down the crimson carpet in my denim high heels, I was greeted by friendly smiles and ushered through an interior that begged to be photographed... This was a night of elegance and sophistication.

We made our way to a private section which included an aesthetic lounge and an exterior that overlooked the glittering water of the Hotel's pool.

The beautiful Fairlawns Boutique Hotel played host to the celebration of K Naomi's debut cover on Cosmopolitan Magazine in the November 2017 issue.

It has certainly been a year for firsts for the young 26-year old who was dressed in a flowy, almost princess-like, scarlet dress.


K Naomi sashayed amongst guests, happily posed for photos and chatted as we indulged in delicious snacks and engaged in much needed girl-talk.

Our refreshments included crispy spring rolls as well as other delightful canapés and mouth-watering desserts such as bite-sized brownies and cheesecakes.

Seen at the event were:


From Left to Right: Nabihah Plaatjes, Kgosi Modisane, Lorna Maseko, K Naomi, Mimi Thabethe

For the Full Album of the evening CLICK HERE 




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