My 2020 Vision

Good Morrow Fellow Inhabitants of this Planet Earth.

I hope that you had an amazing trip around the sun, and are up for another one...

Although it is already day 7 of this 366 days, new solar calendar year.



I'm not sure why I'm speaking like this, or rather, typing like this, but alas! This is how it came out.

Day 7? One week already?! Where has the time flown to? I didn't even get to sort out my sh*% in December... I still haven't sorted out my sh*%.

I was supposed to have been taking the time in December to organise my life and maybe even resting, but none of that happened and now December 2019 is already over and I don't have a plan of action, I didn't get to rest, I didn't get to organise my life (in fact, it just got more complicated) and I definitely don't have my sh.. Act together!

It's tempting to say, "it's already Tuesday, I'll start next week Monday - a new week, a fresh start." Or better yet, "January was a trial month, my 2020 will begin in February!"

But what I've learnt along the years is, IT's ALWAYS HECTIC. It will ALWAYS be hectic, we cannot wait (maybe a lucky few can) for that perfect moment or a less hectic time to do something, because something ALWAYS pops up!

It may seem like next week or the following week is looking a little less hectic, but as the days progress, more events, functions, work commitments, family commitments and the inevitable health problems arise to create chaos for the days that you thought were "free".

So this is it. This is our life and we have to learn how to cope and to "create" the time to do the things that we need to, in order for them to get done.

I'm not an expert, nor am I even at senior level management of organising my life, so this is me learning and perhaps sharing what I've learnt as well as trying to put these lessons into practice.


- I wanted to start walking around the inside of my complex every morning from the 1st of January 2020

This was actually a goal almost every week, month, year but each time I missed the 1st day of the year, or month or a Monday, I told myself - Next Week. Each time my morning began hectic, I thought I would change it to late afternoon, but that became busy as well. 

The idea of starting at the beginning of a week, makes me feel like I have started my week (and morning) off in the right direction and perhaps I will continue. But as soon as the day progresses or the week progresses and I didn't get the opportunity to "start walking" my mind already feels like I will never accomplish that and it already postpones it, which in turn postpones my ability to TRY.

So I'm going to try this for a change and see if it ever works out: If at any time of any day, I realise that I can spare a few minutes, and I possibly can, I should do so. If I am out and it seems that I will not be able to be consistent in maintaining the daily walks, I should stop and retract my actions of the day. Was I, at any point of the day walking? If the answer is yes... and it will be, that should be seen as an accomplishment and should not discourage me from thinking that I have wasted that day, so that I can continue walking the following days.

- I wanted to start sharing my posts and start writing more as of the 1st Monday of this year, but I failed to do so as yesterday was another busy day. But here I am, today, Tuesday the 7th of January... and if the next time I write and share a post will be Thursday the 6th of February, then let it be. As long as I made the effort of writing or even sharing my posts one month later, at least I did not wait an entire year to do so. Even if I did... well then... :/

Every second of every day becomes hectic and my main aim for sitting down to write is acquiring a time when I am the least distracted and when my mind is able to focus. During the day, everything consumes me, and during the night after the kid has finally gone to sleep, my mind is exhausted, I make a promise to myself to wake up early the next morning and begin the day with a fresh start. The day begins early of course, but the thousand and one things pop up and trying to focus on writing gets pushed to the next morning. 

It is not morning now, it's actually almost late afternoon but my mind was spinning, the kid was preoccupied and so was the husband and my willpower said, "it's now or never!" and so here I am... Let's hope this continues...


I wanted to, but the day already began.

I wanted to, but it's already night time.

I wanted to, but...


No matter the fact that it's 4pm

No matter if it's Tuesday and the week has already begun.

No matter if it's Saturday at 11pm. 

If I want to achieve it, I will try and create some space in my life to do certain things, and by space, I mean time. Even though time is limited and 24 hours is consumed with important things that need to get done, there HAS to be a way to find time to do things and the most Important thing to learn is that even though I did not follow through after a few days or even a few months, I can STILL get back into it. It's not the end of it, and there doesn't have to be a perfect moment.

Consistency may take awhile to come, but it WILL NOT discourage me! (I hope :D )




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