Review: Bio-Strath

My days usually consist of:

struggling to wake up early,

whilst awake - being tired and run down,

unable to concentrate and focus,

then struggling to fall asleep at night.


As a mom of a busy 3 year old boy, energy is needed as well as his sole attention as he is the only child. This becomes difficult when I'm trying to educate him and use the play methods of teaching him, while trying to clean and cook as well as do work in and outside of the home. Yes, some of my load gets halved as it is done by myself and my husband but there are only so many hours in a day before we both feel overwhelmed.

So when MomSays - a campaign for moms to test out products - promoted the Bio-Strath product, I jumped at the opportunity to test it out as it is a Natural Nutritional Supplement, that I would hope, aids in our energy levels.


Before receiving the product, I researched and found some useful information as well as a few videos which explained the story behind Bio-Strath as well as how it helps the body. Below, is a short video on how the yeast assists:

According to the research found on their website, Bio-Strath is a Swiss natural nutritional supplement that provides more than 60 of the 100 different nutrients that our bodies require daily. These high-quality nutrients include vitamins, minerals, building substances and amino acids and it does not contain any artificial colourants, flavours, MSG, stimulants, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.

"Bio-Strath works by nourishing the body with the nutrients it requires to function at its best. It strengthens the body and creates balance amongst all the bodily functions. When our bodies have the 'food' that it requires we are well and have more energy and overall vitality. Bio-Strath works very well in cases of poor diet, overwork and less than optimum state of health."


When I read this, my excitement grew as this is just the type of supplement I was looking for and when it arrived in its bright blue packaging - along with a cute laptop bag - the testing began immediately!

We allocated the baby & toddler syrup for our 3 year old, the tablets for my husband and the bigger syrup for myself as I thought my toddler would need encouragement in having it - he doesn't particularly take to any medication in any form.

Surprisingly, our little boy actually loved the syrup! Everyday before the meals, he asks for it and calls it the "teddybear syrup" because of the teddybear on the cover of the box. Although, after two weeks of him having it, I don't really see a huge difference other than the fact that he loves having it. He seems to be the same in terms of his sleeping patterns - which is non existent, his energy (very active) and his ability to focus.

My husband on the other hand, displayed extreme tiredness after having the tablets for a week so it seemed to have an adverse effect on him. Unable to do all that was required of him (and there was quite a lot required of him!) he discontinued the intake of the supplements.

My experience with the syrup presented a more positive result even though I was not particularly fond of the taste. In terms of concentration, I was able to focus and I had achieved quite a number of tasks during the day with ease and without feeling exhausted. With the tablet's effect on my husband, I decided to give that a test for a week, seeing that he had discontinued his course. The tablets proved to be less effective in terms of concentration and stamina. I slowly began feeling tired again as well as lacked focus. I will resume taking the syrup as I felt that to be helpful and I rate it a 4 out of 5 in terms of a holistic product offering as well as living up to its promise. 

I would definitely recommend the Bio-Strath syrup to those who feel fatigued.

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