The gloom and doom of writing

I stopped writing
When my life started falling apart
I stopped writing
When I spoke but no one wanted to listen
I stopped writing
When all I could write about was gloom
I stopped writing
When I could no longer trust anyone
I stopped writing
when people started judging openly:
Don't write about your problems
- no one wants to know.
Don't write about your fears
- it's not like it will go away
Don't write about how ill we treat you
- You're shaming Us
Don't write about the truth
- we'll just claim it's all a lie
Don't write about your happiness
- there's someone out there who's not happy
Don't write about hope and good fortune
- it will all be taken away
Don't write about your struggles
- no one can help you anyway
Don't write about anything
anything at all
---- it's not like anyone is reading this anyway....


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