Have Blog. Will Write

It is not until my head is heavy and cannot get up from the pillow, my eyelids become so overwhelmed with exhaustion that opening is not even close to an option and my eyes become extremely sore with tiredness, it is not until then, that the best ideas make an appearance. Ideas, words and even sentences flow effortlessly forming articles, short stories and even novels in my brain. It's as if they know, they just know that I will not defy, that even though I cannot fall asleep, the mere fact that I'm lying down hoping and praying to fall asleep will keep me down.

Have a pen and paper near your bed, they said, it will help you.

Did you ever think about that ? It's dark so I will have to switch the light on. Firstly, I have to will myself to open my heavy eyelids, pick myself up and switch the light on and then write. I have to also be considerate as the light might affect the other half. "So have your phone next to your bed so you can just type." Okay, but what about that information regarding the signal of the phone interfering with your brain while you sleeping ? Because of that, we keep our phones away from the bedroom. Also, the light of the phone hurts my eyes - there is research stating that the back light of these devices and even the TV, is not good for you when you trying to sleep so how will I fall asleep or go back to sleep? Excuses, excuses... sleep always beckons...  

I write this, several days later, not remembering a single thing that I wanted to write down. I write this now, with no clear goal as to where this article is going and what purpose it's serving and how it will end. I just know; I have a blog and I will write.

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