Your Degree doesn't mean Squat!

Thanks for this.... I'm assuming it applies in South Africa as well and that it's not just the entry level Graduates.. it's us whom graduated years ago as well as graduated from an Honours Degree and have years of work experience.

Why should parents bother in dishing out thousands of Rands to pay for Tertiary Education nowadays ? Why ? There is no guarantee of a job afterwards.

Your child might as well matriculate with an average mark and start working the year after that wherever they can and work themselves up. What's the use in a Degree, and Honours degree a Masters and even a Doctorate anymore?

Companies will need experience and if you keep studying you wont have any. Then it begs the other question...

How do I get experience if no one will hire me, how do I get my foot in the door if no one is willing to give me the chance ?

How do I rectify mistakes and show my worth if no one is willing to give me the chance ?

How can Michael Ross from Suits be so damn lucky to get a chance in a damn lifetime and we are sitting here in the Real World with no HELP?!!!

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