Are we setting our standards too high?

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Written and Layout by Nabihah Plaatjes


Too often I've overlooked sharing a post or an article because I'm too busy trying to perfect it. I would think twice about posting a picture or a video, because it's not done right and I would need to either edit the video or take another picture. But with everything that I do and that needs to be done, I don't have the time to come back to a task.

I'm not sure if I'm alone in this, or if there are others out there who wait too long or wait for the perfect opportunity to post something, to write something or to do something.

My collection of unfinished writings to be turned into the perfect story or book; large amount of drafts, waiting to be shared and plenty of articles on the hidden function just because I feel that it's not quite right.

But no one else knows what standard we set for ourselves, it's just us.


I used to see people sharing their articles, blog posts and social media posts that (to me) needed some editing or some time to look into it, yet there it was, for the world to see. Their confidence in their work, I think, allowed other people to gather their message affirming their thoughts and pictures, without noticing any grammatical errors or pointing out any irregularities.

So why can't I do this? Why do I always need to go through an article or even a blog post (which is just my thoughts) profusely?

Making sure that the comma is in the correct place and the tense is constant, takes up a lot of time. Getting the items in the perfect layout to create the perfect picture to post on social media, takes up a lot of time. Thoughts that cloud my judgement; often wondering will someone get this, will someone relate to this or will someone be offended by this... take up A Lot of Time!

... that said, I cannot just simply send out something that I am less than happy with, so learning to be a little more "spontaneous" with sharing my (and our) work,

will take some time.



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